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jenny-floodI’m the mother of three girls. The wife to my best friend and hardworking husband. We have one dog and live in San Marcos, Ca. After delivering my first in November of 2010, the world of essential oils was something that I had constantly dreamed of understanding and being comfortable with. Following advice that I found on blogs, I started picking up a few oils here and there at Sprouts and using them as directed. I never noticed a huge difference and actually choked at the scent of peppermint, but kept thinking I was doing the right thing in not using over the counter meds and filling our bodies with toxins.

essential oilsFast forward to November of 2013, yes THREE YEARS later, when my HypnoBirthing instructor started posting about Young Living. At this point, I had to get some answers. I needed to know which brand was better and how to get started! I was educated on what truly PURE essential oils are and the rest is all history.

Now, here I am, wishing, hoping, and praying to get these oils in as many hands as I can to better our health and livelihood! I have been able to connect with other Santa Fe Hills residents and help them along their EO journey and I look forward to meeting more of you to do the same!

Oil Up!
Jennifer Flood
Young Living Gold Distributor #1576116

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