San Marcos Door-to-Door Solicitors

Based on recent questions raised around the neighborhood regarding sketchy or aggressive door-to-door salespeople, we decided put together this helpful guide using info obtained from the City of San Marcos.  (All information in this post is current as of 6/8/2015.)

Things You Should Know

  • There is only 1 (ONE) for-profit business currently authorized to solicit door-to-door in San Marcos. His name is Seth Jerue and he is affiliated with Edward Jones (financial).
  • With the exception of Girl Scouts, there are currently 0 (ZERO) nonprofit businesses authorized to solicit door-to-door in San Marcos.
  • Religious organizations are not required to obtain a solicitor’s license if they are just “sharing information.” If they ask for any type of donation or are selling something, they are required to obtain a nonprofit solicitor’s license.
  • All solicitors are required to carry their solicitor’s license with them and show them upon request.
  • In order to obtain a door-to-door solicitor’s license, San Marcos requires a background check.
  • Businesses who just leave flyers and do not knock on doors are not required to obtain a license.
  • Door-to-door salespeople, businesses who drop off flyers and people who want to discuss religion are all required to respect “no soliciting” signs.

Given the fact that only Girl Scouts, people who want to talk about their religion, and one man from Edwards Jones financial are legally allowed to door-to-door solicit in San Marcos, there is a very good chance that the salesperson knocking on your door is doing so illegally.

Is the fact that illegal door-to-door solicitors are out and about nearly every day something to be majorly concerned about? We don’t think so. There is a good chance that the salesperson simply does not know the law. In fact, laws vary from city-to-city. (Read about San Diego, Escondido…)

Should you call the San Marcos Sheriff non-emergency number every time you see an illegal solicitor? It’s up to you, but we don’t think so. Because this type of law is nearly impossible to completely enforce, the best thing to do if you don’t want solicitors at your door is to put up a No Soliciting sign. If you don’t want a sign, then just don’t open the door. (Read Carlsbad Police recommendations). However, if a solicitor refuses to leave your home or if you see a solicitor acting suspicious, you are urged to call the Sheriff non-emergency number (858-565-5200). 

To get an idea of what steps a solicitor needs to take in order to legally go door-to-door, view the solicitor applications below:

If you have any other questions about door-to-door solicitors, contact Public Safety Coordinator for the City of San Marcos, Veronica Martinez at: [email protected] or 760-744-1050 ext 3111.