Reduce Your Use – Two Great SDG&E Programs


Complimentary Reduce Your Use Thermostat from SDG&E

Get a complimentary ecobee smart programmable thermostat (a $300 value) with free installation, when you sign up for Reduce Your Use Rewards, the program that gives you a credit on your bill when you save enough electricity on a Reduce Your Use day.

The ecobee thermostat can be controlled remotely from your smart device or computer. After the thermostat is installed in your home or business, on Reduce Your Use days, you will earn an even higher credit than if you were on the Reduce Your Use program alone. If a Reduce Your Use day is called and you can’t participate, you can opt out by following the instructions on the thermostat or ecobee alert.

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Complimentary Energy & Water Savings Kit from SDG&E

Water Saving Kit SDGE

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