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Santa Fe Hills Nextdoor – Community Network

Over 1,600 neighbors have joined the Santa Fe Hills, Nextdoor™ community. In this relatively new network, we have already organized eight neighborhood potlucks,  two large neighborhood garage sales, nature hikes, a San Marcos Highlands Q & A meeting, a National Night Out event,  Home for Heroes celebration and several smaller events. We alert each other of recent crime, suspicious activity, approaching fires, missing people and pets. We ask and receive advice, donations, business recommendations, give away things… it’s endless. Several social groups have formed on Nextdoor including running, toddler playgroups, women’s club, and more. Nextdoor helps neighbors take two big jumps forward to actually meeting and becoming good neighbors to families all across Santa Fe Hills.

In order to join Nextdoor, you must prove that you actually live in Santa Fe Hills. This added level of security helps ensure that Santa Fe Hills Nextdoor remains exclusive to those who actually live in Santa Fe Hills.

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Getting the Most out of Nextdoor – Settings

Here are some tips for getting the most out of Nextdoor.

Notification Settings: You can adjust how many emails/alerts Nextdoor sends you in the settings menu.

The default alerts setting is to send you “immediate updates” via email. Because we have an active community, that could mean many emails a day. If that is too much for your inbox to handle, a suggested alternative is “daily digest”, in which you’ll get one email a day with a summary of the day’s activity. The settings are pretty granular, for example, you can choose to ignore alerts about “Classifieds”, “Recommendations”… and more.

If you do not wish to receive updates from a particular neighbor, you can MUTE the neighbor by clicking their name, and pressing the MUTE button. This is what happens via Nextdoor: “Muting [PERSON’S NAME] means that his/her posts are hidden from you on Nextdoor Santa Fe Hills and in email notifications. You will still receive [PERSON’S NAME] urgent alerts to ensure information is made available in case of an emergency.”

If you use the Nextdoor iPad/iPhone/Android app, consider turning off all email updates, and just rely on the App notifications.

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Banned Topics: There are not too many rules on SFH Nextdoor. I think it’s pretty fair to say that we should avoid discussions of religion and emotionally charged issues that have no direct relevance to our community. If you have a business or service that you want to promote, please select the appropriate category for you post, i.e Recommendations or Classifieds. If you don’t wish to receive these type of notifications, please make sure to update your notification settings.

Screenshot of Notification Settings Menu: