San Marcos Park Reservations, Rules & Events

San Marcos Park Reservations

San Marcos Park Reservations
Several of the non-neighborhood, San Marcos City-owned and managed parks have areas that can be reserved for groups of 50 – 200 people, for various durations of time. The only San Marcos parks with reservable areas are: Walnut Grove Park, Woodland Park, Bradley Park, Connor’s Park, Jack’s Pond Park, Simmons Park, Hollandia Park, San Elijo Park and Sunset Park. For more information, visit the San Marcos Parks Reservations page.

San Marcos Parks with Sports Fields
To reserve a sports field, or to reserve a portion park that contains sports fields, you can do so through the admin staff at the Corky Smith Gym by calling (760) 744-9494. You will likely still need to complete a Special Event Application (see ‘special events’ below). Signs are posted at each sports field as to who can use the field and when. You can also call Corky Smith Gym to inquire.

Park Reservations for Sports Teams
Refer to SECTION 3 – Field Policies and Procedures, in the City of San Marcos Youth Sports Council Policies & Procedures Manual or visit the Youth Sports & Organizations page on the City of San Marcos website.

Neighborhood Pocket Parks
Neighborhood pocket parks, i.e. every park in Santa Fe Hills other than Cerro De Las Posas Park, cannot be reserved without a Special Event Application (see ‘special events’ below). Because there are so many pocket parks throughout San Marcos neighborhoods, of varying sizes, a good rule of thumb as to whether or not you need to submit an application for your pocket park event is if your event will substantially overcrowd the park and/or if your event will host 100+ guests. Neighborhood pocket parks are meant to be used by people who live in the neighborhood and their guests, with a ratio of approximately 3 neighborhood residents per 1 guest.

Special Events
If you don’t need to block off a street, but would like to organize an extra-large (100+) gathering, you likely fall within the special event category. Special Event applications can be used for 100+ neighborhood gatherings at neighborhood parks or for much bigger events, like open-to-the-public street fairs and running/bike races. For more information, visit the San Marcos Special Event and Block Party Application page.

Block Parties
One way for neighbors to organize an extra-large (100+) neighborhood gathering is by blocking off a portion of a neighborhood street and throwing a block party. Block parties are intended for neighbors only, not for open-to-the-public events. For more information, visit the San Marcos Special Event and Block Party Application page.

Bouncy Houses / Rides & Activities
ONLY Bradley, Hollandia, San Elijo, Simmons, Walnut Grove and Woodland park allow ‘inflatables’ or specialized play equipment. Any company or individual can set-up specialized play equipment as long as their certificate of liability is on file with the city.  Contact Regina Williams of the San Marcos Community Services Department for more questions about insurance: (760) 744-9000

Charcoal is only acceptable at parks that have “hot coal receptacles”. Gas grills are only okay at City parks with a designated picnic area.

If a portable grill is brought to a park:

  1. You must keep 10’ minimum clearance of any combustible
  2. You must properly monitor at all times
  3. You must have a dousing source present