Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise & Nutrition Specialist


My Name is Ines “Jessy” Schriewer. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Sports Nutrition Specialist (all NASM). I have always lived an active lifestyle and engaged in various sports from an very early age. After having my two lovely children I realized how much my priorities have changed and became fascinated with the idea of creating effective workout programs with realistic goals for real people. The wish to live a healthy and active life is not a selfish idea. A healthy lifestyle allows us to have the energy we need to master our careers and be present for our families and friends.

We, my husband and our two children moved to Santa Fe Hills in February 2015. Initially attracted by the great schools and the beautiful surroundings did we find much more than we expected. In Santa Fe Hills we found a new home in a wonderful neighborhood with many families, friendly neighbors and a caring community. We are happy to live in San Marcos.

If you want to get back into your workout routine, are recovering from an injury, are looking for new ideas on nutrition and workouts, then don’t hesitate to email me or call me.

Phone: 916-952-6809
Email: [email protected]