Vallecitos Water District 24% Reduction Mandate


Vallecitos Water DistrictGuest Post by: Mike Sannella – Vice President, Vallecitos Board of Directors

Dear neighbors and customers,

Given the newly mandated water restrictions handed down this week by the California Water Resources Control Board, I thought it was important to share with you the latest on this matter.

First and foremost, the situation is dynamic, fast-moving, and things could still change.  But, the Water Resources Control Board made it clear this week – they believe that California is in a drought emergency and imposed the first mandatory urban water conservation rules in state history.  These new rules will impact every home and business in the state.

As part of these new rules, each city and water district was provided mandatory water conservation targets ranging from 8% to 36%.  Vallecitos Water District was directed to reduce by 24% and the mandate is effective June, 1 2015.  Each water district is tasked with how to best meet its figure.  I assure you the Vallecitos staff and Board will be studying and considering every available option to achieve our reduction target and more information will be forthcoming.  The next Vallecitos Board meeting is May 20, 2015 and staff is expected to provide an update and make initial recommendations to the Board at that time. The meeting is open to the public.

Although the actions taken by the Water Resources Board this week are unprecedented, this certainly isn’t California’s first drought. Vallecitos is prepared and has processes and policies in place already to help address drought conditions and promote water conservation. In July 2014, Vallecitos’ Board enacted our Level Two Drought Condition Restrictions and since then, we’ve seen increased awareness surrounding this matter and measurable results that our customers are making a positive difference. With your continued help, I am confident that we will make it through this drought.

In tough times, you can never have too much communication and knowledge.  I hope this post has been helpful and I will share updates with you as I get them.  Below I have provided useful information and resource links from Vallecitos’ website.

Mike-Sannella-2Thank You,

Mike Sannella
Vice President, Vallecitos Board of Directors



What can customers do to help?

  1. Be sure to comply with the mandatory water-use restrictions.
  2. Report any water waste that you see in your neighborhood. Click here to make an anonymous report.
  3. Take advantage of the many conservation programs available, such as rebates for replacing your water guzzling lawn with drought tolerant plants or having a free landscape irrigation audit to locate leaks and other water waste at your property. As landscape irrigation accounts for 50-80 percent of the water used at residential properties within the District’s service area, this is usually where customers can see the largest water savings.
  4. For conservation information and tips on how to save water, please browse through the conservation pages of our website or contact the District’s Conservation Department at (760) 744-0460.

What is Vallecitos doing to help?

Expanding on the sustainability principles that guided the formation of the District, Vallecitos has initiated a number of projects through the years to ease elevated water demands today for availability tomorrow. For example, Vallecitos recycles up to 5 million gallons per day or 74 percent of the wastewater generated in its service area at the District’s Meadowlark Water Reclamation Facility to reduce the demand for imported water to the region. The District continues to participate in the North San Diego Water Reuse Coalition, with the purpose of matching areas with high recycled water demand to facilities that can produce enough recycled water to meet that demand. Vallecitos customers will also benefit from completion of the Carlsbad Desalination Facility, which is currently ahead of schedule. The arrival of water from this local source will complement current imported supplies, increasing availability despite drought and regulatory issues that have threatened Vallecitos supplies in the past. To learn more about Vallecitos’ sustainability measures, click here.