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With over 30 years experience in various fields of education, I take pride in maintaining a positive attitude in order to achieve positive results and the highest performance levels. Improving scholastic confidence in my students is my objective, as faith in one’s capabilities nurtures success. Working with youth offers a multitude of challenges that, once confronted, offer benefits for both the student and myself.

  • My Goal is to provide Individualized Stress-Free Tutoring & Instruction for Students of All Ages.
  • I cover all subjects including English, Science and all doctrines of Math.
  • I assist with Current School Work and Homework, and offer Progressive Lessons for Advanced Students.
  • I am Dyslexia Certified and Certified in Orton Gillingham and Barton Reading, Spelling and Language Programs.

A smile overcomes many obstacles and is never far from my face. My patience, flexibility and adaptability are crucial to ensure the level of Academic Achievement I expect from my students.

I find it very rewarding when faced with the challenge of helping a student achieve a level of Excellence they never thought possible. My students find that understanding and utilizing new concepts can be very empowering, and so often, my encouragement and guidance are the first step.

Achieve Academic Success. It is Within Your Reach!

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Lynda Geraghty
Phone: 530-908-0932 or 760-298-2371
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