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By: Kristin Frade

My husband Nick and I moved to San Marcos almost a year ago and couldn’t have made a better decision! We moved so we could have more space for our growing family and home based business as well as be in a more family oriented community and Santa Fe Hills filled all of those needs. We also believe in living a well-rounded healthy lifestyle and that is why we are in the business we are in.

We work with AdvoCare, a world class nutrition company and we love helping people lose weight, build lean muscle, gain energy and improve overall wellness. I personally lost two dress sizes initially, put on healthy weight during my pregnancy with our son and thankfully, took the weight off with these amazing products, a solid nutrition plan and continuous exercise. My husband Nick, went a different route by adding 10 lbs of lean muscle in six weeks! We felt so great that we knew other people should feel the same way. Now we are able to be stay at home parents who design our day by helping others get healthier as well as build a plan B income so they have more options for their families too.

We want the community we live in to have and teach the same lifestyle habits and thankfully, Santa Fe Hills was off to a great start! We always see people walking, jogging or playing with their kids in the park and we wanted to add to that by providing free, family friendly workouts on Saturday mornings at Cerro De Las Posas park. Feel free to come out and join us and if you want to really get the most out of the workout, try our product routine before and after 😉
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