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New Santa Fe Hills Website Coming Soon!

A new website for the neighborhood of Santa Fe Hills, San Marcos is underway. (You’re currently

Santa Fe Hills Potluck – July 19, 2014

The July 19, 2014 Santa Fe Hills meet-your-neighbors Potluck #2 was ANOTHER huge success. A lot

San Marcos Carnival 2014

Don’t miss the 2014 San Marcos Carnaval, located SW corner of the intersection of San Marcos Blvd

San Marcos Highlands – A Brief History

Land speculator/investor, Farouk Kubba, purchased the property north of Santa Fe Hills for just under $1.3 million in 1981

San Marcos Highlands Q&A, July 2014

The highly controversial San Marcos Highlands development project is back!  A “Notice of Preparation of a Draft

Santa Fe Hills 2014 Slurry Seal Schedule


July 4th, 2014 San Marcos Fireworks from Santa Fe Hills

Who knew? The best spot to watch the San Marcos fireworks is right here in Santa

Santa Fe Hills Community Hike / Guided Nature Tour

Photos from the June 29, 2014 Santa Fe Hills community hike / guided nature tour at

6/28 Santa Fe Hills Neighborhood Garage Sale

The San Marcos neighborhood of Santa Fe Hills will be hosting a multi-family 18-Home Garage Sale this

San Marcos Highlands Reemerging (2014)

The San Marcos Highlands development (~200 homes on the open space & Ridgelines north of Las

Friday Fun Nights for San Marcos Parents & Children

Attention San Marcos Parents of kids aged 4-12!  If you and your spouse need a kid-free Friday