Shop Local

Five Reasons to Shop Local

  1. Shopping in San Marcos Stimulates our Local Economy: When we shop at locally owned stores, studies have shown that the money we spend stays within the community. The local businesses we shop from are more likely to purchase from other local businesses. This results in a larger local tax base that will help other local businesses grow. A stronger tax base means more money for our schools, roads, parks, and local police and fire department.
  2. Shopping Local Creates Jobs: Small businesses are big employers. With jobs being created right here in San Marcos, our friends, neighbors and family can find jobs closer to home.
  3. Keep San Marcos Unique: Local businesses provide products and services from local craftsmen and artisans, offering unique options that we won’t find in national stores. Unique businesses around San Marcos are an integral part of our distinctive character.
  4. Local Businesses are Greener: Small businesses are usually centrally located so that they’re easily accessed from a town center. This reduces sprawl and habitat loss. Plus, it means using less fuel to get to and from the shop.
  5. Invest in Community: Local businesses are owned by people who live in San Marcos, are less likely to leave, and are more invested in our community’s future.