San Marcos School Board Endorsement 2014

Guest Post by: Mary Borevitz, Pia Harris-Ebert, Sharon Jenkins

Letter to the Editor:

San Marcos is a vibrant community with a long history of being a desirable place to live. Our local school district, San Marcos Unified School District, is one of the reasons why families come to San Marcos.

Between the three of us we have over 57 years of serving the community as elected members of either the San Marcos School Board or the San Marcos City Council. We believe experience as well as current and past service are critical components of an elected official. We believe in selfless service to the community.

Pam Lindamood currently serves as a Governing Board Member and has been a volunteer in our schools for over 20 years. Jean Diaz currently chairs the SMUSD Prop K Citizens Oversight Committee and has been actively involved in the Chamber of Commerce – Government Affairs Committee, San Marcos Economic Development Corporation and The Senior Foundation for Wellbeing.

For these reasons, the three of us have decided to endorse Pam Lindamood and Jean Diaz for the San Marcos School Board. We urge you to consider voting for these two candidates.

Please review their websites at and

Mary Borevitz
Pia Harris-Ebert
Sharon Jenkins