Residents asked to keep leaves out of storm drains


With the autumn season upon us and a heavy rain season predicted, the City of San Marcos’ Stormwater Division reminds residents to properly dispose of lawn trimmings and fallen leaves to keep storm drains, gutters, sidewalks and walkways clear of debris.

“While fall leaves are beautiful, they can create blockages that often lead to pollution and flooding issues,” said Storm Water Program Manager Reed Thornberry. “Disposing of leaves properly helps ensure the city’s storm drain system is safe, efficient and clean.”

To reduce the harmful impacts of fallen leaves and yard trimming, residents can sweep or rake excess leaves and branches and clear all leaves from storm drain inlets. Never blow leaves, debris and other matter into the street or storm drain. Plant materials can be disposed of in the EDCO approved green waste recycling container.

“Keeping leaves out of the street is a simple but important step we can all take to help improve local water quality and prevent flooding in our streets,” continued Thornberry.

Although leaves seem natural and harmless, excess leaves can clog the local storm drain system and pollute local waterways when it rains. Once leaves enter the water and begin to decay, they break down oxygen that negatively impacts aquatic life and causes excess algae blooms. By helping to keep storm drains free of pollutants and other debris, residents are doing their part to keep waterways clean.