National Voter Registration Day

Are you registered to vote for the upcoming 2016 elections? If not, go to and take part in National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, Sept. 22.

National Voter Registration Day was first created in 2012 to engage voters in that year’s presidential election. Since then, National Voter Registration Day has become a 50-state campaign where thousands of organizations and volunteers work to ensure eligible citizens are registered to vote.

This year’s event serves as a reminder that if you plan to cast a ballot in the June 7, 2016 Presidential Primary, you must be registered. You will need to register if you:

  • are not currently registered
  • recently moved
  • recently changed your name
  • turned 18 years old
  • want to change your party preference

If you’re not sure about your registration, check it online. If you’re not registered or need to change your registration, you’ll find that information there, too. If your signature is confirmed through Department of Motor Vehicles records, it will automatically be sent to the Registrar of Voters office. If the signature is not confirmed, you can print the form, sign it and mail it to the Registrar.

For voters without access to a computer, registration forms are also available at the Registrar’s office, U.S. Postal Service offices, public libraries, City Clerk offices and Department of Motor Vehicles offices. For voters who need language assistance, election materials are also available in Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese and Chinese.

For additional election information, call (858) 565-5800 or visit