DUI Checkpoints on Halloween – San Diego County

San Diego County DUI Checkpoints

DUI Checkpoint

At the same time our children are having a monster of a fun time trick-or-treating this Halloween, San Diego Sheriff’s Deputies will be busy looking for drunk drivers across the County.

On October 31st, San Diego Sheriff Deputies will be conducting additional DUI patrols in communities throughout their jurisdiction. The goal is to get drunk drivers off our roads and prevent crashes that can cause serious injury or death.

Last year, deputies arrested a total of 1,888 people for driving drunk, six on Halloween night. So far this year, 1,311 people have been arrested for driving drunk. Please be responsible so that no DUI arrests are needed this Halloween.

Considering the recent $800,000 grant the San Diego County Sheriff received specifically to stop drunk drivers, you should bet on getting caught if you even dare get behind the wheel drunk.

Says Sheriff Bill Gore:

You should never drink and drive, especially on Halloween when children are out on the street. If you drink, get a designated driver.



Here are some sober riding / driving options to always consider: