Blasting Operation to Kick Start Construction on Mission Road

mission-316 blasting san marcos

Beginning in the week of August 24, blasting operations will take place at 316 Mission Road and continue for four to six weeks. Blasting times will take place at approximately 11 am, two to three times per week.

The first blast has been scheduled for Monday, August 24 between 11 am and noon.

Residents within a 600-foot radius of the blasting area received written notification of the work and can expect to hear a series of air horn sounds prior to blasting. The first set of horn sounds will be five minutes prior to blasting followed by more horn sounds one minute to blasting. After blasting has concluded, one long horn sound will announce that the area is clear. All structures within 300 feet of the blast zone will receive both pre- and post blast inspections.

To ensure public safety and security, only enough product to fill small holes will be brought on site to complete each daily blast. All material used for blasting will be guarded while on site and no explosives will be left on site overnight.

During the blasting period, traffic will be stopped in both directions on Mission Road; the sidewalk located on the north side of Mission Road near the project area will also be closed to pedestrians. While traffic control measures will be in place, motorists are encouraged to use alternate route to avoid delays during blasting times.

This work will kick start construction on a 7-acre residential project and is expected to be completed in winter 2016. Dubbed “Mission 316,” the project will bring 92 for-sale condos to the north side of East Mission Avenue between Woodward Street and Mulberry Drive.

For more information or questions regarding the blasting operations, please contact the City’s project contractor David Donner, (951) 809-9738 or [email protected].

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